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Yamaha Introduces New 22′ Boats and Dock Assist Technology

The public will get its first in-person look at Yamaha’s all-new, technology-rich 2023 22-foot sport boats and center consoles and a revolutionary low-speed handling and dock assist innovation that makes boating
more fun for captains of all skill level at this year’s Winter boat shows.

All-New 22-Foot Sport Boats ad Center Consoles
Yamaha’s new sport boats and center consoles are nine-inches longer with four-inches higher
freeboard at the bow. The base model 220 Series boats are powered by twin, TR-1 HO Yamaha
marine engines. The 222 Series models come with more powerful 1.8L HO motors. There are 10
new boats in all starting at $52,099 with a trailer.

For the first time on a Yamaha boat, all 22-foot sport boats and center consoles come with
wireless charging. Exclusive to the 222SD and 222XD models are DRiVE paddle controls and
swim-up seating. Most of the 22-foot boats will come with swim-up seating mounts pre-installed
from the factory.

Revolutionary Low Speed Handling and Dock Assist Technology
Gamechanger is an adjective overly used and often exaggerated, but that’s not the case when
describing DRiVE X.

DRiVE X is a combination of Yamaha DRiVE paddle control system that moves the boat forward
and aft without taking your hands off the steering wheel, and new steering wheel functionality
that slowly moves the boat starboard or port, rotate on an its axis, and hold the boat against the
dock for convenient loading and unloading of passengers.

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