More Families Choosing Personal WaterCraft as an Affordable Alternative

Today’s personal watercraft are powerful enough to tow an adult wakeboarder, and most are stable enough for three passengers onboard. Some are quick and fast for high-performance enthusiasts, and others are super affordable with a playful ride that the whole family can enjoy.

Leading the industry in sales growth this season is Yamaha WaterCraft and their WaveRunner brand of personal watercraft. And for a good reason, the majority of the Top 10 best-selling models in 2017 were Yamaha WaveRunners.

“Coming off an amazing 2017, where we sold out of nearly every product before the end of summer; we are thrilled to introduce this exciting line that truly has a model that can appeal to any buyer,” said Bryan Seti, general manager of Yamaha’s Watercraft Group. “Whether you’re looking for the easiest and least expensive way to get on the water with the EX Series, or wanting the luxury, comfort and high performance of the FX Series, Yamaha delivers that and much more in 2018.”

Yamaha’s EX Series, starting at $6,699

The EX WaveRunner Series is designed for buyers seeking an affordable entry into the sport of personal watercraft, but who demand the durability, reliability, and quality that only Yamaha can deliver. Key features include:

  • Yamaha’s award-winning TR-1 engine, representing the latest in Yamaha engine technology.

  • Best performance, stability, and reliability in the Rec Lite category.

  • EX Deluxe equipped with RiDE dual throttle handlebar control system.

  • Assembled in the USA in Newnan, GA.

  • EX Series MSRP starts at $6,699.

“The EX Series is a game changer for the personal watercraft market,” said Bryan Seti, general manager of Yamaha’s Watercraft Group. “There’s never been this much performance, durability, stability, storage, ease of maintenance, and overall fun packed into a watercraft at this price point in the history of the sport.“

The Ultimate in Versatility – Yamaha’s VX Series

For 2018, the industry’s best-selling recreation series of all time returns with the features and fun that have made this line the choice for more families than any other WaveRunner in history.

The VX Series includes the flagship VX Limited, the VX Cruiser HO with its 1.8L normally-aspirated engine, the VX Cruiser, the VX Deluxe and the VX base model.

  • VX Limited includes complete a watersports accessory pack with everything the active family needs for full days of fun on the water

  • VX Cruiser, VX Limited, and VX Cruiser HO offer theater-style 3-person Cruiser Seat

  • All VX models features RiDE system, the industry’s first dual handlebar throttle controls that deliver the utmost control moving forward or in reverse

  • Assembled in the USA in Newnan, GA.

  • VX Series MSRP starts at $9,599.

The Pinnacle of Luxury and Performance – the FX Series

For 2018, the best-selling luxury performance series returns with all of the features that make them the most technologically advanced watercraft in the industry.

  • Best-selling luxury performance models in the industry

  • Lightweight NanoXcel 2 hulls, decks, and liners (SVHO models)

  • Features Yamaha’s RiDE dual handlebar throttle controls

  • Equipped with five-position electronic trim control

  • FX Limited SVHO returns with complete watersports accessory package that comes with everything active families need for a full day of fun on the water

  • Assembled in the USA in Newnan, GA.

  • FX Series MSRP starts at $13,299.

Race Performance Series – GP1800 and VXR

Born out of Yamaha’s deep race heritage, and designed for closed-course racing and experienced high-performance enthusiasts, the GP1800 is the quickest, fastest, most precise handling WaveRunner that Yamaha has ever designed.

The Yamaha VXR proves that a powerful 1.8L normally-aspirated engine wrapped in Yamaha’s first-generation NanoXcel lightweight hull material is more than a match for the competition’s supercharged models. In fact, the VXR is one of the most successful race models that Yamaha has ever designed, beating the competition’s supercharged models on and off the race course.

  • Comes equipped with Yamaha’s award-winning RiDE system, the industry’s first dual handlebar throttle controls that deliver the utmost control moving forward or in reverse.

  • Assembled in the USA in Newnan, GA.

SuperJet: Yamaha’s Iconic Stand-up Returns

Lightweight, stable, and fast, the SuperJet continues to be the first choice for freestyle riders, closed course racers, and big wave freeriders.

Yamaha’s Award-Winning RiDE System

Featured on all WaveRunner models except the SuperJet™, EX and EX Sport, Yamaha’s RiDE dual handlebar throttle controls deliver the utmost control moving forward or in reverse.

RiDE could not be more intuitive. The right handlebar lever is forward. The left is the reverse. At speed, the left handlebar lever will also slow you down. Release both the right and left levers, and the watercraft is in neutral.  No shifting. No gears. The only thing to think about is how much fun it is to RiDE.

With the wide range of personal watercraft models available today, buying a personal watercraft is an affordable alternative for families looking for an inexpensive, convenient way to have fun on the water.

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