Yamaha Introduces New 12.3” Connext Helm Control System on all 242 Series Models

Yamaha is introducing a new 12.3” Connext Helm Control System on all boats in the company’s top of the line 242 series. The first thing you notice is the brightness of the 1920 X 720 resolution screen. With over 16 million colors and 1000 nits backlight, it is much brighter than a smartphone, so it is easy to see even in direct sunlight.

There are three ways to engage the Connext system starting with a row of quick access buttons located at the base of the helm, a conveniently placed joystick, and the touchscreen itself. The main screen on Connext provides critical information such as water depth, fuel gauge, RPM, compass heading and miles per hour. On the Trip tab, functions include maximum speed attained, miles per gallon, gallons per hour, average speed and trip odometer.

Connext also serves as the entertainment hub of the boat, providing full access to radio and stereo controls, Bluetooth® connectivity and USB connections. The Connext joystick provides additional quick access controls for top level Connext navigation including Home, Scrolling and Volume as well as access to Yamaha’s Cruise Assist and No Wake Mode™.

Exclusive to the 12.3” Connext System is a full-featured, GPS-enabled nautical chart. An icon indicates the boat’s position on the chart, and it can be programmed to lead you to a destination or to leave a trail of bread crumbs showing you where you have been. When anchored, Connext automatically goes into “float mode,” displaying pertinent information such as battery voltage and water depth. If the system detects low battery voltage, an audible alarm will sound indicating that the driver should start the engines to recharge the battery.

Yamaha Introduces New SurfPointe Technology on 2018 Wake Series Boats

2018 Yamaha 242X Featuring SurfPointe

For 2018, Yamaha is introducing SurfPointe, a new patent-pending technology that improves the surfability of the wake produced by its new wake series of boats, the 2018 212X and 242X models.

Working with pro athletes, Yamaha engineers sought to find the ideal jet-drive nozzle position to create a wake with a clean face and a more-powerful surf pocket.

The result is an improved surf wave with added push for better rideability without compromising the boat’s handling or performance.

One of the best features of SurfPointe is that it is always on. There are no buttons to push and nothing to program.

Yamaha Continues to Drive Market Growth with 2018 WaveRunner Lineup

Yamaha’s 2018 WaveRunner line includes the entry-level EX Series starting at $6,699, the versatile VX Series, the luxurious, high performance FX Series and race-ready Yamaha GP1800 and VXR.

“Coming off an amazing 2017, where we sold out of nearly every product before the end of summer, we are thrilled to introduce this exciting line that truly has a model that can appeal to any type of buyer,” said Bryan Seti, general manager of Yamaha’s Watercraft Group. “Whether you’re looking for the easiest and least expensive way to get on the water with the EX Series, or wanting the luxury, comfort and high performance of the FX Series, Yamaha delivers that and much more in 2018.”

Yamaha’s EX Series, starting at $6,699

2018 Yamaha EX Deluxe WaveRunner

The EX WaveRunner® Series is designed for buyers seeking an affordable entry into the sport of personal watercraft, but who demand the durability, reliability and quality that only Yamaha can deliver. Key features include:

• Yamaha’s award-winning TR-1™ engine, representing the latest in Yamaha engine
• Best performance, stability, and reliability in the Rec Lite category.
• EX Deluxe equipped with RiDE dual throttle handlebar control system.
• Assembled in the USA in Newnan, GA.
• EX Series MSRP starts at $6,699.

“The EX Series is a game changer for the personal watercraft market,” said Bryan Seti, general manager of Yamaha’s Watercraft Group. “There’s never been this much performance, durability, stability, storage, ease of maintenance, and overall fun packed into a watercraft at this price point in the history of the sport.“

The Ultimate in Versatility – Yamaha’s VX Series

2018 Yamaha VX Cruiser HO WaveRunner

For 2018, the industry’s best-selling recreation series of all time returns with the features and fun that have made this line the choice for more families than any other WaveRunner in history.

The VX Series includes the flagship VX Limited, the VX Cruiser HO with its 1.8L normally aspirated engine, the VX Cruiser, the VX Deluxe and the VX base model.

• VX Limited includes complete a watersports accessory pack with everything the active family needs for full days of fun on the water
• VX Cruiser, VX Limited, and VX Cruiser HO offer theater-style 3-person Cruiser® Seat
• All VX models features RiDE® system, the industry’s first dual handlebar throttle
controls that deliver the utmost control moving forward or in reverse
• Assembled in the USA in Newnan, GA.
• VX Series MSRP starts at $9,599.

The Pinnacle of Luxury and Performance – the FX Series

2018 Yamaha FX Limited SVHO WaveRunner

For 2018, the best-selling luxury performance series returns with all of the features that make them the most technologically advanced watercraft in the industry.

• Best-selling luxury performance models in the industry
• Lightweight NanoXcel®2 hulls, decks, and liners (SVHO models)
• Features Yamaha’s RiDE™ dual handlebar throttle controls
• Equipped with five position electronic trim control
• FX Limited SVHO returns with complete watersports accessory package that comes with everything active families need for a full day of fun on the water
• Assembled in the USA in Newnan, GA.
• FX Series MSRP starts at $13,299.

Race Performance Series – GP1800 and VXR

2018 Yamaha GP1800 WaveRunner

Born out of Yamaha’s deep race heritage, and designed for closed-course racing and experienced high-performance enthusiasts, the GP1800 is the quickest, fastest, most precise handling WaveRunner that Yamaha has ever designed. The Yamaha VXR proves that a powerful 1.8L normally-aspirated engine wrapped in Yamaha’s first-generation NanoXcel lightweight hull material is more than a match for the competition’s supercharged models. In fact, the VXR is one of the most successful race models that Yamaha has ever designed, beating the competition’s supercharged models on and off the race course.

• Comes equipped with Yamaha’s award-winning RiDE® system, the industry’s first dual handlebar throttle controls that deliver the utmost control moving forward or in reverse.
• Assembled in the USA in Newnan, GA.

SuperJet: Yamaha’s Iconic Stand-up Returns

2018 Yamaha SuperJet

Lightweight, stable, and fast, the SuperJet continues to be the first choice for freestyle riders, closed course racers, and big wave freeriders.

Yamaha’s Award-Winning RiDE System

Featured on all WaveRunner models except the SuperJet™, EX and EX Sport, Yamaha’s RiDE dual handlebar throttle controls deliver the utmost control moving forward or in reverse. RiDE could not be more intuitive. The right handlebar lever is forward. The left is reverse. At speed, the left handlebar lever will also slow you down. Release both right and left levers and the watercraft is in neutral. No shifting. No gears. The only thing to think about is how much fun it is to RiDE.

Yamaha Expands Center Console Family Fishing Series with New 21-foot 210 FSH Boat

Yamaha’s exciting new 21-foot center console family fishing model builds on the success of its ground-breaking 19-foot 190 FSH Series.

Based on Yamaha’s widely popular 210 sport boat models, the 210 FSH is well-suited for rougher waters and delivers the added peace of mind that comes with dual engines.

2018 Yamaha 210 FSH Series

And because the dual engines and driveline are housed in the hull underneath the captain’s leaning post, the boat provides a true, open 360-degree experience that is perfect for fishing. The boat includes all the features that fishing enthusiasts require, along with family features that are perfect for an entire day out on the water to include watersports, swimming, and lounging – all in the same boat, and at a competitive price starting under $40,000.

The 210 FSH is available in three variations that include the base model 210 FSH, an upgraded 210 FSH Deluxe, and the flagship 210 FSH Sport that offers the features of the Deluxe with the addition of a custom T-top. All three models come with Yamaha’s award-winning TR-1™ High Output marine engines.

Deluxe model upgrades include wiring for dual batteries, stainless steel rub-rail, head compartment curtain, a trolling motor mount, and upgraded seating/cushions.

Starting at its large, wide bow, there is comfortable, padded seating with ample room for four adults. The padded cushions snap off, so they are easy to store or leave at home when you are heading out for a fishing trip. Located under the starboard bow seat is an insulated fish locker, and there is a dedicated locker for a full-size Danforth® anchor. There is more storage below the port bow seat, in the sole, and inside two large consoles.

In front of the helm console is even more seating, and the console lifts up to reveal an extra deep, large storage area that can also serve as a changing room or a head compartment thanks to the curtain enclosure that is included on the Deluxe and Sport models. The storage area also provides convenient access to the electronic wiring on the backside of the helm for the easy installation of aftermarket electronics.

The 210 FSH is loaded with the angling features one would expect in a premium center console boat to include coaming pads, vertical and horizontal holders for 14 rods, 26-gallon aerated live well, and Yamaha’s exclusive Jet Wash® system that uses pressure from the jet pumps for easy cleanup of the cockpit, whether you land a big fish or the kids fill the boat full of sand.

The helm is thoughtfully designed with a simple to remove windshield for low profile storage, a stainless-steel sport steering wheel, easy access to all boat control switches, a locking glove box, and an open area to flush mount electronics such as a fish finder, a GPS unit, and other marine electronics. The 210 FSH comes equipped with Yamaha’s 4.3″ Connext Touchscreen Display, which is NMEA® compatible to send vital engine information to third party electronics. Completing the helm is an angled footrest for comfort and stability when underway. Behind the helm is a padded leaning post with a backrest (on Deluxe and Sport). Under the lean post is a dedicated space for a removable cooler which is included on all models.

The transom area on the FSH Series is unlike any other center console boat on the market. Since the engine and drive train are mounted in the hull, the entire back of the boat is open for unobstructed casting, towing and enjoying activities on the back of the boat. On the Deluxe and Sport models, the lean post is convertible and can be flipped back toward the helm for added comfort and versatility. The 210 FSH features Yamaha’s signature two-tier swim platform that sits low at the water’s edge. A retractable stern ladder makes reboarding after swimming a breeze. The transom also includes a tow eye for watersports.

Like all Yamaha boats, the 210 FSH features Yamaha’s patented clean out ports that allow for the removing of debris from the jet pump without having to get in the water or swim under the boat.

Rounding out the FSH’s list of innovations is the addition of Yamaha’s Articulating Keel, the latest in Yamaha’s Advanced Responsive Handling features. The Articulating Keel is an extension of the boat’s keel that moves and tracks along with the jet pump nozzle to provide comfort, stability and straight line tracking at all speeds.

Yamaha’s 210 FSH Series offers all the features the angler needs along with all the lifestyle elements the active family demands. Combined with Yamaha’s innovative twin engine, jet propulsion system there isn’t a boat on the market with as complete of a package as the new 210 FSH series.