Yamaha Announces New 19-Foot and 21-Foot Boats for 2017 Model Year

Yamaha has introduced its 2017 boat line that includes a new high-performance 19-foot 195 series along with four new 21-foot boats that includes the 212 Limited line and a new 212X with advanced wakesurf capabilities. The products were unveiled at the company’s annual dealer meeting being held in Chicago, IL.

“We started from scratch with our new 21-foot boats beginning with feedback from customers in the market. We learned what features and benefits these customers valued most, valued least, and more importantly, features and benefits that they would like to see in the future,” said Yamaha Watercraft’s Product Planning Manager Mike Ricciardi. “Everything we learned is reflected in the design of these new boats that include high-end appointments, more space for lounging, a great wake for surfing, and new high-tech features like our new Connext helm control system.”

2017 Yamaha 210 Series

2017 Yamaha SX210

The new 210 Series includes the versatile SX210 and watersports-focused AR210. Key features of these new models include:

  • Twin TR-1 High Output engines, Yamaha’s latest award-winning engine technology.
  • All-new 4.3” version of Yamaha’s Connext® helm control system.
  • Yamaha Quiet Cruise for reduced cabin noise and vibration.
  • Yamaha’s Advanced Responsive Handling features that include the Articulating Keel for enhancing maneuverability and control at all speeds.

2017 Yamaha 212 Series

The 212 Series features two new models, the 212 Limited and 212 Limited S, as well as a complete redesign of Yamaha’s signature 21-foot wake boat, the 212X. Key features of this series include:

2017 Yamaha 212X

2017 Yamaha 212X

  • 7” Connext® helm control system with joystick controls.
  • Powered by twin Yamaha 1.8L normally-aspirated engines for class-leading power and performance.
  • Premium appointments, chrome accents, port side workstation and snap-in, teak style floor mats.
  • 212X features a new 500-watt stereo system with rotating sound bar, and a triple ballast system providing 1100 pounds of additional weight for creating the perfect wake.
  • Yamaha Quiet Cruise for reduced cabin noise and vibration.
  • Yamaha’s Advanced Responsive Handling features that include the Articulating Keel for enhancing maneuverability and control at all speeds.

New 195 Series

Yamaha’s new 195 Series includes a high-performance speedster, the SX195, and tower-equipped AR195. Key features include:

2017 Yamaha AR195

2017 Yamaha AR195

  • Yamaha SVHO® supercharged 1.8L marine engine and 160mm jet pump for immediate acceleration and hook up throughout the power band.
  • Yamaha’s award-winning Advanced Responsive Handling features including the Articulating Keel.
  • High-end design features including premium upholstery and billet aluminum accents.

“Yamaha’s jet drive system is the gold standard in marine propulsion and provides performance and benefits by which other boats in our class are now judged,” said Bryan Seti, general manager of Yamaha’s Watercraft Group. “For 2017, we’ve extended this venerable drivetrain to several new boats to round out our lineup, adding new performance capability to the 19-foot buyer, as well as new levels of space, sport and luxury for the 21-foot buyer.”

Returning to the lineup are Yamaha’s affordable 190 series of runabouts as well as the recently introduced family fishing boats, the Yamaha FSH® Series. Yamaha’s best-selling 24-foot E-Series returns with new colors and graphics for 2017.

Yamaha Introduces 2017 WaveRunner Line Including New Affordable EX Series and Race Performance GP1800

Yamaha has revealed its 2017 WaveRunner line that includes the exciting new EX™ Series starting at just $6,599, as well as a new reincarnation of Yamaha’s legendary GP® racing WaveRunner, the GP1800.

“The key to the long-term viability of the personal watercraft market, and a strategy for growing our brand’s dominance, is attracting and retaining new buyers,” said Yamaha’s Product Development Manager Scott Watkins. “The new EX Series is aimed squarely at doing just that. The EX Series offers the best possible experience at the best possible price. We didn’t cut any corners in terms of the durability of the construction or hold back on power. These new EX models deliver a fun, exhilarating riding experience that we think families will enjoy now and for years to come.”

2017 Yamaha EX Deluxe WaveRunner

New Yamaha’s EX Series, starting at $6,599

The EX WaveRunner® Series is designed for buyers seeking an affordable entry into the sport of personal watercraft, but demand the durability, reliability and quality that only Yamaha can deliver. Key features include:

  • Yamaha’s award-winning TR-1™ engine, representing the latest in Yamaha engine technology.
  • Best performance, stability, and reliability in the Rec Lite category.
  • EX Deluxe equipped with RiDE dual throttle handlebar control system.
  • Assembled in the USA in Newnan, GA.
  • Series MSRP starts at $6,599.

“The new EX Series is a game changer for the personal watercraft market,” said Bryan Seti, general manager of Yamaha’s Watercraft Group. “There’s never been this much performance, durability, stability, storage, ease of maintenance, and overall fun packed into a watercraft at this price point in the history of the sport. Our dealers have been asking us if this was even possible, and today we’re excited to show them that it is.”

New High-Performance GP1800 WaveRunner

Born out of Yamaha’s deep race heritage, and designed for closed-course racing and experienced high-performance enthusiasts, the new GP1800 is the quickest, fastest, most precise handling WaveRunner that Yamaha has ever designed. Key features include:

2017 Yamaha GP1800

  • Powered by the ultra-performance Yamaha SVHO® marine engine.
  • Features Yamaha super-lightweight NanoXcel2™ hull and deck material.
  • Comes equipped with Yamaha’s award-winning RiDE® system, the industry’s first dual handlebar throttle controls that deliver the utmost control moving forward or in reverse.

“For a decade, the GP1200 and GP1300R dominated closed-course watercraft racing, making the GP moniker synonymous with speed and winning,” said Watkins. “That’s why we brought it back. This new model delivers levels of acceleration, speed and handling that change everything we’ve known about what a watercraft can do on and off the race course. Yamaha factory racers are chomping at the bit to get ahold of this new package, and we think performance enthusiasts will too.”

Yamaha’s Award-Winning RiDE System

Featured on all WaveRunner models except the SuperJet™, EX and EX Sport, Yamaha’s RiDE dual handlebar throttle controls deliver the utmost control moving forward or in reverse.

RiDE could not be more intuitive. The right handlebar lever is forward. The left is reverse. At speed, the left handlebar lever will also slow you down. Release both right and left levers and the watercraft is in neutral. No shifting. No gears. The only thing to think about is how much fun it is to RiDE.

Yamaha FX Series, VX Series and SuperJet

Returning for 2017 is the luxury-performance FX Series that includes the FX Cruiser SVHO, FX SVHO, FX Cruiser HO and FX HO. New to the FX line is the FX Limited SVHO that comes with a complete water sports accessory package. Joining the FX Series is the full-featured budget-friendly VX Series, the race-performance VXR, and the venerable Yamaha SuperJet, the only stand up watercraft on the market.